Shaman’s helper, artist, teacher, father, grandfather,
Sacred Sweat Lodge Leader, business builder, channel, craftsman, Bear, appropriate tech person, Dream Merchant, advocate for sustainable change, Sundancer, Resource Recovery R&D entrepreneur.

David Cameron

“Born in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains, my life has been rooted in the richness of the natural world. Living beside the sea in Nova Scotia for thirty years has taught me the great lessons of constant intent, force without hardness and the strength of flexibility. Abiding beside our tranquil lake @ Serenity has given me back my youth. Living with a shaman has taught me gratitude and how to fly.”


David Cameron has decades of sweat lodge experience and conscious channelling. He calls himself a shaman’s helper and is available to cook or drive or hold energy, whatever is needed for practical nurturing and grounding activities. David enjoys assisting people along their spiritual and life paths through helping them reconnect to the earth and their true selves.

David has also been a park guide, an alternative or “natural” builder, a project and ecovillage development manager and is a practicing artist. He is the creator of Twylights by RavenStar, one-of-a-kind ambient lamps made from industrial poplar waste.

Twylight lamp

The Glow of Twylights

After the Pilgrimage, Welcome Home. In the tradition of David Cameron’s ancestors, hospitality was foremost….

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Crooked knife with horsehead

The Crooked Knife

by David Cameron The crooked knife is a one handed draw-knife designed aeons ago, originally…

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