Who Are We at EarthSea Interpretations?

David Cameron Shaman's helper, artist, teacher, father,
Sacred Sweat Lodge Leader, business builder, channel, craftsman, Bear, appropriate tech person, Dream Merchant, advocate for sustainable change, Sundancer, Resource Recovery R&D entrepreneur.
Born in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains, my life has been rooted in the richness of the natural world. Living beside the sea in Nova Scotia for thirty years has taught me the great lessons of constant intent, force without hardness and the strength of flexibility. Abiding beside our tranquil lake @ Serenity has given me back
my youth. Living with a shaman has taught me gratitude and how to fly.

Nancy Sherwood artist, teacher, mother, grandmother, business woman, gardener, Raven, Shamanic Dancer & Shamanic consultant, counsellor, mentor, Spiritual Pilgrimage Leader and Sundancer.

Adept at helping others "remember" their true nature, purpose and power to be, Nancy was initiated into her own special shamanic calling through contact with three mystery teachers in 1987.

Nancy is currently offering her wisdom and talent andShamanic Counselling in Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Mexico, and Brittany, France.

We can both be reached at


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