Traveller's Joy

Traveller's Joy was initiated for the purpose of soul healing. The displacement of our ancestors from their lands, and/or similar losses experienced in past lives, can be addressed and healed through visiting and interacting with sacred sites and gathering places where the people knew how to co-create with the spirits; where the villages were built when the landscape was considered sacred to the peoples; and where spiritual practices were not separate from the rest of people's lives.

The sense of wholeness and the sense of the earth as our home that has been lost to us through centuries of oppression and migration can be restored by taking time out for ourselves on the lands of our bloodline origins and of our spiritual lineages. The restoration of those lineages comes when we participate in ceremony and spontaneous ritual on sites where people previously worshipped, practised ritual, and gathered for the sake of the community. When we approach these places with awareness, we begin to realize how much has been lost, move through our grief and experience the joy of remembrance.

Going on a trip to confront what has been lost is a death in itself, a giving up of the comfort of our everyday life and identity. To surrender to the loss of our usual distractions and roles is a major step in our rebirth. Taking time to fill up with the experience of pilgrimage we can nourish body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Like the Gypsy travellers who embrace a new situation every day, we learn to let go of control and allow the journey to inform us. Traveller's Joy spiritual journeys are held within a container of intent, leaving room for an open organic evolution of the day. By allowing ourselves time to tune into the energies of each site in an intentional but gently held way, we can listen to the guidance within, heal the past within the family tree or past life and create the space needed to nourish ourselves at all levels.

We fill our senses as the tantrics do, with wonderful food, the beauty of our surroundings, and music, moving beyond the outer, to the joy of inner knowing. Allowed to participate in the ecstasy of connection, whether meditating or dancing, journeying, storytelling, or praying, we move toward a new basis of being. We stop doing many mindless things and slow down to enjoy this homecoming.

Within the challenge of changing environments we can keep ourselves fulfilled at all levels by joining a community of pilgrims. As humans who want to maintain vitality in the midst of a world where clean water and pure air and quiet space are so threatened, we take time out to strengthen our hearts, minds and spirits. We are rebalancing in order to remember the spirit in all things, to feel the animation behind every being, and to sense unity in all that is.

The sacred sites that we visit with Travellers Joy may be protected by government, such as those in state historic sites; others less known and left for the few that find them; or they may be sites presently supported by a spiritual community or healing centre.

Because of rising real estate values, many of these sites are endangered, and if not owned by the state, by land trusts, or other associations, access to them can disappear. Traveller's Joy is dedicated to the preservation and use of such sites, and 10 per cent of its income goes to preservation projects.

By going to places, local or distant, where we can reconnect, supported by a community circle, Traveller's Joy offers a chance to remember the voice of our souls, to get in touch with our core essences. When we benefit ourselves, we benefit all beings and the planet itself.

Come away with us to your own ancestral or past life adventure of rediscovery and healing.

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