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Youth Violence, Respect and Pathways Programming

Youth violence generally has its roots in broken relationships-to self, the earth, family, school and/or society as a whole. Somewhere at the bottom is often some question of respect; self-respect, respect for the earth, respect for others, respect for institutions.

Shamanic Patways has sourced pre-industrial tribal cultures for the knowledge, skills and attitudes that encourage respect for the self, the earth and others. Using this information and specialized staff training at Tom Browne Jr. Tracking and Survival School, Pathways has developed programs that provide modern people access to these ancient skills and timeless wisdom.

Pathways programs can be easily modified to suit age and ability levels as well as a wide variety of educational situations. From family-focused programs to in-school presentations to complementary components for existing outdoor programs to stand-alone custom-designed training camps, Pathways can deliver an exciting new set of skills, relationships and behaviours to almost any clientele.

Making fire without matches or lighters, building wilderness emergency shelter, finding water and wild food, experiencing respect in a traditional talking circle or the energy of a great tree in the forest, becoming part of a competent team-these and many other simple but profound activities operate at subtle personal and interpersonal levels to encourage connection and compassion.

Many youth feel they are in a constant struggle for survival, at home, in school and on the street among peers. Developing real survival skills, even those from an earlier time in human social organization, may augment self-esteem. Connecting to the skills of our ancestors may connect us to the wisdom of our ancestors. Being heard by others allows us to hear.

Our programs stress the common ground of all people and the interdependence of all life on the planet. Such understanding may lead to the conclusion that violence against my relations is violence against myself.

Carla Silver and John Storm