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Drums, Beaters and Rattles by Carla "CJ" Silver

Shamanic Pathways Nova Scotia

Mission Statement:

1.To produce spirit inspired, one of a kind percussion instruments which flow from a deep reverence for the earth and the creatures from which they came.

2.To promote shamanic practices and the healing benefits (physical, physological, spiritual) of drumming.

3.When possible to use recycled and reclaimed materials in keeping with our philosophy of being close to the earth and remaining ecologically aware.

4.To promote earth living skills, nature awareness and living simply from the earth. To impact in a positive way upon the environment in which we find ourselves.

5.To promote awareness and appreciation for the earth and all her creatures10.


The drum is a gift from the ancient world, and reminds us that all of creation is sacred. When we play with conscious intention we evoke spirits and healing while eliciting our prayers. We connect with our deeper selves and commune with the "spirit that moves through all things". We have a heartbeat.

Drumming reconnects us to our deeper selves and transcends the barriers that keep us separate. Drumming is the great spirits way of communing with all living things. That is why we have a heartbeat.

  About our drums

Our drums are made with the skins of white tailed deer, caribou, moose, horse and goat, reclaimed from local hunters, butchers and farmers. Skins are hand worked in a heartfelt and mindful state of gratitude and respect for the animal from which they came.

Our frame drums, Celtic and Native, come in many sizes: 13", 15", 18", 20" or 22" diameter, round or octagonal, using miscellaneous hardwoods, tamarack and red cedar.

Our "Community" drums come in 28" and 32" diameters. We make drums for children in 8" and 10" diameter.

Drum Beater Sticks

Most of the woods for our beater sticks come from our apple tree pruningís. We collect other woods while on walks to the seashore, or forest visits (deadfall). We gather with caretaker awareness, always asking before receiving. The leathers are recycled, or brain tanned and smoked. They are hand sewn with sinew and are stuffed with the hair of deer, caribou or moose.

Drum Bags

Our beautiful drum bags are designed and hand crafted by Marlis Margarete Urbach. They come in wonderful colorís shapes and sizes and can be custom ordered to meet your needs. Many of the fabrics and decorative materials are recycled.

Intuitive Design by Shaman and Artist Nancy Sherwood

Intuited Artwork to further personalize your drum, empowering your intention and prayers. Please contact Nancy to arrange for this extra service. 902-766-4129 or

Caretaking your Drum

Drums are living beings and need to be played. Rawhide is a natural, living material and is suseptible to changes in temperature and humidity. Use caution when exposing your drum to extremes of heat cold, dampness and dryness.

Drum voices will change due to climate. Most drums will require heating, if cold or damp. Heat slowly and remember that if the heat is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for the drum. Other drums may require water or oil as they are too dry. Moisten or oil lightly. Over time as you get familiar with one another, you will know your drum's needs.

Drums can be lightly oiled with neetsfoot oil, bear grease, or other animal based oil. Oils from our bodies also work. Oil any areas that are showing signs of stress. Check and oil your drum every couple of months or more often in drier climates.

For storage and or travel, keep your drum protected. Use a blanket or towel or ask us about our unique line of quality crafted drum bags.

Portions of the proceeds of our sales are donated to local environmental and youth projects.

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Drum Making Workshops

We create and share in the creation of Celtic, Native and African drums. If your heart speaks of a drum, we can help you dream it into creation. Our experience shows that each drum goes through itís own unique process of birth. Shamanic ritual and celebration accompany the birthing process. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  Brain-Tanned Buck Skins

We brain tan and smoke animal hides into buckskin by hand. These skins are available for purchase and, we can assist you in the design and creation of personal ceremonials. Workshops are also available to share in the tanning process and the creation of multicultural arts, crafts and ceremonials.

Earth Living Skills, Wilderness Survival and Nature Awareness

As caretakers of our land, we embrace the many challenges and rewards of living simply. We explore and share the many ways in which mother earth provides for us. We encourage a rememberance of our interconnectedness and foster awareness and appreciation of the earth and our reliance upon her for survival. Our workshops explore shelter building, fire making, outdoor cooking, wild edible and medicinal plants, bow making, nature observation, tracking, cordage and basketry, pottery, earth consciousness meditations and other spontaneous oportunities.

Shamanism Ė Earth Keeping - Caretaking

We have been gifted with oral teachings and practices from traditional and contemporary teachers. Rituals and celebrations are lived daily. We share what we have come to know and welcome new and "seasoned" practitioners into the shamanic circle.

Facilitator, Crafter and Artisan

Carla J. Silver Ė survivalist, caretaker, shaman, drum maker

Shamanic Pathways is an EarthSea Associate owned and operated by CJ Silver.

Find us at 1260 Hwy 12, Chester Grant, Nova Scotia, B0J 1K0

Mail: Pathways 1260 Hwy 12, Chester Grant, Nova Scotia, B0J 1K0

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