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the EarthSea Interpretations Website (formerly EarthSea Shamanic Ecovillage)

  • Table of Contents:

  • Spring/Summer Schedule of EarthSea Events

  • What Was EarthSea Shamanic Ecovillage?

  • What Is EarthSea Interpretations Unlimited?

  • Who Are We At EarthSea Interpretations?

  • What is Traveller's Joy?

  • What is Shamanic Pathways?

  • How May One Visit some former EarthSea Ecovillage members?

  • All About Mandala Dance Project 2010

  • Shamanic Consultations

  • "Straw-Bale Shelter"

  • "David's Crooked Knives"

  • Shamanic Convergence

  • Twylights by EarthSea

    EarthSea's purpose is to empower and guide people towards harmony and balance within themselves and their environment through the use of shamanic principles and manifestation of sustainable models.

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    Traveller's Joy

    The Blockhouse School Sustainability Project

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